XI. Bristlecone – Justice

XI. Bristlecone – Maturity – Justice

Genus: Pinus – Family: Pinaceae

The spirit of bristlecone reminds us that the ancient laws of karma and justice are always in effect.

There are only three species of bristlecone pine. All three are long-lived and resilient to harsh weather and bad soil. Pinus longaevais among the longest-lived life forms on Earth. The oldest is more than 5,000 years old. They grow in scattered clusters in high altitude regions of the Western United States.

It is named “bristlecone” because of the prickles found on female cones. Bristlecone trees are extremely durable; their wood is dense, resinous, and resistant to insects, fungi, and other pests. The wood of a bristlecone pine can endure, even after death, by standing on their roots for many centuries.

Rather than rotting like other trees, the exposed wood of a bristlecone erodes like stone.

5. Bristlecone Pine

Wind, rain, and freezing temperatures create sculptural forms and shapes that dot the landscape. Because of this, scientists are able to gather important clues by reading the rings of both living and dead trees. Through their amazing endurance they have created a 9,000-year-long record that is proving to be invaluable in understanding climate change.

Even in death, their legacy is one of impartial justice and helping us understand the laws of nature.

Message: Bristlecone is asking us to “grow a tougher skin,” and not take everything personally. This is a time to silently listen to all perspectives and realize that everything is not about us.  Our thoughts and actions create ripples through time and space. Taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions, especially in regard to the environment and our bodies, is of utmost importance. Maturity is a way of seeing life as an active observer. Maturity signals a time when we reflect on our life and begin to understand the bigger picture of why we are here.

Blocked: Having a self-righteous attitude, being a know it all who may also be prejudiced towards others. A judgmental or entitled perspective. Another attribute may be extreme shyness. Bristlecone reminds us to slow down and be.