Tree Spirit Tarot



Tree Spirit Tarot is as educational for the mind as it is enlightening for the soul.

Tree Spirit Tarot can function as an oracle deck as well as a traditional tarot. The tarot is a deck of 78 cards with roots that may date back thousands of years. Trees have been and continue to be cross-cultural and archetypal guardians of our personal and collective stories. Trees, by their very nature are wise, nurturing and without judgment. Their goal is to support us on our journey and to provide guidance whenever we need it. They are not attached to outcomes because they do not want to limit opportunities for growth and new ideas. Their guidance is one of insight, based on their unique story and botany. By understanding that we are all interconnected with trees, we can begin to reconnect to one another through our shared roots and our collective history. By bringing these stories to consciousness we can remember that we are not separate from nature, trees or each other. This knowledge is symbolic of our journey toward wholeness.

By Awakening the Tree of Life within, we return to the Garden of our Soul.